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App and Web Enabled Market Award

The “Best App and Web-Enabled Market” award recognizes applications or web-based platforms that leverage a website as their interface or business model, with the flexibility to adapt swiftly to changing market demands, highlighting innovation and responsiveness.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Award

The “Best Augmented and Virtual Reality” award honors innovative solutions that deliver exceptional, immersive experiences through cutting-edge AR and VR technologies, transforming how users interact with digital environments.

Best (IOT) Internet of Thing Award
Any network of device such as vehicles, and home appliances that contain electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data.
Best Accelerator/Incubator Programme
A fixed-term, cohort-based, mentorship-driven program that helps and empowers entrepreneurs in the digital space to foster the growth of their innovative companies by providing tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise.
Best Aerial and Underwater Robots Award
This award is to promote research and development for the commercialization of ariel and underwater robots. Those robots that have provided outstanding services in the past year are eligible for the award.
Best Animation of the Year
Animated video content that integrates products or services on behalf of a brand in order to convey a marketing message in an entertaining way.
Best Banking Tech of the Year
This award aims to recognise excellence, innovation and the use of IT in banking and financial services. A bank or financial institution that is striving for innovation and professional contribution to the industry’s betterment with intelligent use of technology is eligible to be awarded under this category.
Best Bio Technology Award
The greatest development over the last year based on growth, innovation and impact by developing Digital solutions, methods and/ or products that target life sciences and agricultural development.
Best Blockchain Technology
This award will honor the excellence within blockchain technologies, which has outstanding strategy, application, and effectiveness technology.
Best Blogger of the year: (Any Category)
Any individual with a good amount of followers along with their engagement on social media platform. The blog can be vlog also. Any industry can be part of it food, travel, lifestyle etc.
Best Consumer Mobile Service
Any remarkable service which provides facilities pertaining to utility and/or entertainment needs of the users including graphics, information, assistance, open-source data, music, video, social media, m-commerce, messaging, mailing, data-storing, GPS/location tracking and etc through cross-platform forums, mobile-based browsers, applications and/or portals.
Best Content Creator

This award will honor a creative content creator or a company that go above and beyond to create great content and has made an important and positive impact on the community through any content.

Best Content Marketing Award
Content Marketing targets audiences with information, advice and entertainment in order to acquire customers and to strengthen a brand. For this strategy, news, videos, e-books, case studies, photo journals and many more digital tools may be applied. The winner in this category has conducted a strategically structured concept that focused on communicating with customers and prospects.
Best Content of the Year
Judges will evaluate a standout content or content series that has delivered truly exceptional results when considering the budget/time invested across the entire campaign.
Best CRM Platform
This award will be honor the best CRM software for managing customer data , relationship and interactions.
Best CSR Campaign
CSR campaign is a company’s commitment to encouraging community growth and development, and to activities and programs that benefit the environment, consumers, employees, and the public.
Best Data Management Platform
The platform that has been most successful in helping business manage user data.
Best Digital Agency of the year
The objective of this category is to give award to an Agency which scores more than the rest of its competition based on the average score (in percentage), quality of entries and number of entries (Quantum of work done) across all categories mentioned above. (This category will not be in registration form).
Best Digital API
Any technology, product or service that offers application programming interface solutions that enhances the business opportunities of brands to the most level, will be eligible to be awarded under this category.
Best Digital Campaign
In this category the stand-out case of a successfully-run campaign that represents extraordinary planning, execution and a thorough evaluation that managed to exceed the campaign’s objectives and applied authentic and transparent communication. Judges will review entries based on the following criteria: clear strategic thinking using research and insights, innovation / creativity, tangible results and outcomes and proof of effectiveness.
Best Digital Campaign of the Year (Small budget)
This category is for the smaller digital campaigns that have a vast and strong online presence with small budgets. A budget which comes under 1 to 1.5 Million.
Best Digital Channel (Blog, Podcast, Video Channel, Magazine)
This category aims to highlight the best digital channels on the market. This regularly updated channel can be a blog, a podcast, a video channel or a online magazine. The winner will have high quality content as well as good awareness of and reach with their audience.
Best Digital Customer Service Team

This award recognizes the group of individuals who have provided interactive and friendly customer service through different touch points to create excellent customer experience. In addition, service encounter, service culture, team spirit, product knowledge, and customer service best practices will be taken into consideration.

Best Digital Innovation
This award will honor an innovation which is Innovated/creative, clear strategic thinking, effectiveness and tangible results.
Best Digital Marketing Communication (Videos)
This category is for an innovative strategy/campaign that has engaged the target audience with well-placed video ads. Should demonstrate: 1. Examples of viewing figures, innovative placement and overall effectiveness, 2. Other metrics that show objectives have been fulfilled.
Best Digital Payment Processor
All payment gateways, payment processors and merchant account providers which have facilitated the process of fast and secure digital payments for goods and services are eligible for application in this sub-category.
Best Digital PR Campaign
Any Digital PR campaigns that have achieved consumer engagement and increased profits. In a fast-paced industry creativity and innovation is essential to succeed.
Best Digital Start-up

This category seeks to award a company pertaining to the arena of Internet or Mobile that was started or incorporated on or after 01 January 2022 and has demonstrated commendable growth in its operations at a brisk pace and promises to make it big in the industry in near future.

Best Digital Trading Team

This award celebrates the team achieving outstanding results in digital markets through innovative strategies, best use of budget, evaluated on performance, creativity, market impact, and the effective use of technology.

Best Digital videos creator
This Award celebrate, showcase and reward talented digital Video creators (individual / companies) that have been producing outstanding Videos and shaping our industry over the previous 12 months.
Best Discount Deals Application

The “Best Discount Deal Application” award recognizes apps offering exceptional savings and deals, with evaluation based on user savings, app usability, deal variety, and innovation.

Best Distributed Ledger (Block Chain) Award
The challenge is to develop scalable, efficient and high-impact decentralised solutions to social innovation challenges leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs), such as the one used in blockchains.
Best E Commerce App

The “Best E-commerce Application” award honors top online shopping apps, evaluated based on user experience, product range, innovation, and overall impact on the e-commerce landscape.

Best E Commerce Website

The “Best E-commerce Website” award spotlights the top online shopping site, judged on design, user experience, product diversity, innovation, and effectiveness in fulfilling consumer needs.

Best Email Marketing Campaign

The “Best Email Marketing Campaign” award recognizes outstanding email campaigns for creativity, engagement, conversion rates, and overall impact, as evaluated by the jury.

Best Emerging Technology

The “Best Emerging Technology” award celebrates breakthrough innovations in new technologies, judged on potential impact, practicality, innovation, and scalability.

Best Encryption Award
This category will award Encryption technology and its implementation details such as key management can result in loose ends and security vulnerabilities.
Best Global Reach

The “Best Global Reach” award honors initiatives or platforms with the most extensive international impact, evaluated based on reach, cultural adaptability, user engagement, and market influence.

Best High Impact Campaign

This category showcases brands that excel in delivering rich media content and interactive experiences, with media agencies highlighting their strategic planning, collaboration with vendors and designers, and the tangible performance results achieved.

Best Humanoid Robot Award
This award is for Humanoid robbots those can operate in human-crowded environments and for socially interactive humanoid robots.
Best innovated Mobile App

The “Best Innovated Mobile Application” award acknowledges apps that introduce groundbreaking features or technologies, evaluated on innovation, user experience, functionality, and market impact.

Best Insurance Tech of the Year
Any advanced insurance digital product/service that has improved the efficiency of insurance processes like comprehensive policy analysis, compensation, claim & bonus monitoring, data handling.
Best Integrated Media strategy

The “Best Integrated Media Strategy” award celebrates strategies by agencies, businesses, or organizations that skillfully blend traditional and new media to market a brand, product, or service, showing innovation and excellence, with effectiveness measured against campaign KPIs across various platforms.

Best Life Style Application

The “Best Lifestyle Application” award recognizes companies that create innovative and creative apps to deliver significant client results, focusing on return on investment, collaborative success with retailers or owners, and efficient use of client budgets.

Best Meme Marketing Campaign

The “Best Meme Marketing Campaign” award celebrates campaigns that effectively use memes for engagement and virality, judged on creativity, cultural relevance, impact, and alignment with brand objectives.

Best Memer of the Year

The “Best Memer of the Year” award honors the individual or entity that has shown exceptional creativity and impact in meme creation, evaluated on originality, viral reach, cultural influence, and contribution to online communities.

Best Mobile App

This award recognizes outstanding mobile apps based on innovation, user experience, design, functionality, and impact on its intended audience. User interface, originality, usability, and creativity are some of the things our judges will be looking for in best mobile app of the year.

Best Mobile Bank application

This award is given to the app that offers the best user experience, security, innovative features, and efficiency in managing financial transactions and services.

Best of digital innovation and tech Junior Award (Local school and uni)
This category is open to students who demonstrate a flair for using digital technology. We’re looking for students who have produced amazing digital content, developed apps or software, or have used digital technology to produce great work as part of their studies in school or within a within a project or activity in their own time. Entries will go forward to the Junior Digital Awards.
Best Omni-Channel Campaign Management & Marketing Automation

The “Best Omni-Channel Campaign Management and Marketing Automation” award recognizes campaigns that excel in integrating multiple channels seamlessly for marketing automation, evaluated on strategy effectiveness, innovation, user engagement, and results achieved.

Best Online Celebrity

This award honors individuals who have significantly influenced digital platforms, evaluated on their impact, creativity, engagement with followers, and contribution to online culture.

Best Online streaming
Apps, mobile sites and progressive web apps offering superior streaming services for audio & video content, including podcasts and radio; and filmed content, including music videos, news segments, television, sports, etc.
Best Prepaid Card Solution
This award will go to a retailer or company who has excelled in the field of prepaid cards, gift cards or vouchers, for use either in-store or online.
Best Quantum Computing Award
This category is to recognize recent outstanding contributions in quantum information science, especially using quantum effects to perform computational and information-management tasks that would be impossible or infeasible by purely classical means.
Best Retail and Distribution Technology

The “Best Retail and Distribution Technology” award recognizes innovative tech solutions that improve retail and distribution efficiency, judged on impact, usability, innovation, and contribution to industry advancements.

Best SEO Campaign
For an innovative strategy/campaign that has engaged the target audience. Should demonstrate: 1) Examples of click through, conversions and direct responses.2) Other metrics that show objectives have been fulfilled, 3) Return on investment for a client budget
Best Short form web Video < 3 MINUTES

The “Best Short Form Video (3 Minutes)” award celebrates exceptional videos under three minutes, evaluated on creativity, storytelling, visual quality, engagement, and impact.

Best SMS Marketing Campaign

This award recognizes campaigns that effectively use text messaging to engage customers, judged on creativity, conversion rates, engagement, and alignment with marketing objectives.

Best Social Media Campaign (Facebook)
For an innovative facebook campaign that has engaged the target audience. This could include display advertising, contextual data like time and activity, etc. Should demonstrate: 1) Examples of click through, conversions and direct responses. 2) Other metrics that show objectives have been fulfilled.
Best Social Media Campaign (Instagram)
For an innovative Instagram campaign that has engaged the target audience. This could include display advertising, contextual data like time and activity, etc. Should demonstrate: 1) Examples of click through, conversions and direct responses. 2) Other metrics that show objectives have been fulfilled.
Best Social Media Campaign (LinkedIn)
For an innovative Linkedin campaign that has engaged the target audience. This could include display advertising, contextual data like time and activity, etc. Should demonstrate: 1) Examples of click through, conversions and direct responses. 2) Other metrics that show objectives have been fulfilled.
Best Social Media Campaign (Snack Video)
For an innovative Snack Video campaign that has engaged the target audience. This could include display advertising, contextual data like time and activity, etc. Should demonstrate: 1) Examples of click through, conversions and direct responses. 2) Other metrics that show objectives have been fulfilled.
Best Social Media Campaign (Snapchat)

The “Best Social Media Campaign (Snapchat)” award honors standout Snapchat campaigns for their creativity, engagement, innovative use of platform features, and achievement of campaign goals.

Best Social Media Campaign (Tik Tok)

The “Best Social Media Campaign (Tik Tok)” award honors standout Snapchat campaigns for their creativity, engagement, innovative use of platform features, and achievement of campaign goals.

Best Social Media Campaign (Twitter)

The “Best Social Media Campaign (Twitter)” award celebrates campaigns that excel on Twitter through innovative content, engagement strategies, viral impact, and successful achievement of specific objectives.

Best Social Media Campaign (Youtube)

The “Best Social Media Campaign (YouTube)” award recognizes outstanding campaigns for their creativity, viewer engagement, content quality, use of YouTube features, and effectiveness in meeting campaign goals.

Best Transport Service Online

The “Best Online Transport Service” award goes to the service offering exceptional user experience, efficiency, innovation, and reliability in digital transportation solutions, judged on customer satisfaction, service accessibility, and impact on mobility.

Best use of Bots (Chatbots)

This award recognizes innovative chatbot implementations that enhance user interaction and service efficiency, evaluated on user experience, problem-solving capability, innovation, and integration effectiveness.

Best Use of Creativity/Innovation

The “Best Use of Creativity or Innovation” award spotlights projects that exemplify originality and inventive solutions, evaluated on creativity, execution, impact, and how they push boundaries in their field.

Best Wearable Innovation Award

The “Best Wearable Innovation” award celebrates cutting-edge wearable technology, judged on design, functionality, innovation, user experience, and the technology’s potential to enhance daily life.

Best Web Series of the year

The “Best Web Series of the Year” award honors outstanding digital series for their storytelling, creativity, production quality, viewer engagement, and impact on the digital entertainment landscape.

Best Web TV

This award recognizes exceptional online television platforms, judged on content quality, innovation, user experience, accessibility, and contribution to the evolution of digital broadcasting.

Best Website of the Year

The “Best Website of the Year” award recognizes the most outstanding, innovative, and user-friendly website across various categories, emphasizing design, content, functionality, and overall user experience.

Cloud Computing Award

The “Cloud Computing” award recognizes outstanding innovations in cloud technology, evaluated based on scalability, security, efficiency, and impact on transforming business or consumer experiences through cloud services.

Digital Ambassador of the Year
This award recognizes industry leaders putting forward the most comprehensive and effective solutions to the market – across any industry.
Digital Artist of the year

Category at digital awards celebrates the creativity and innovation of artists who utilize digital technology as their primary medium. This accolade acknowledges individuals or collectives that have pushed the boundaries of digital art, blending techniques such as 3D modeling, digital painting, computer-generated imagery, and more to create captivating works that resonate with audiences and critique or celebrate digital culture.

Digital Leader of the Year

This award honors individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership in the digital realm, evaluated on vision, innovation, impact on their organization or industry, and their ability to inspire others. This category is not for nomination it’s the jury award.

Digital Trade award
This award is for the digital trading ecosystem who can show that they offer a high value service or technology. Including Advertisers, publishers, agencies, trading desks, technology companies etc.
E Commerce Startup of the Year
Judges will evaluate the strategic approach to eCommerce,business process, technology and regulatory challenges, and results.
EdTech of The year
The EdTech Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.
Facebook Community of the Year
Award is for the most creative, original and well-executed Facebook group that drive results engage audiences in relevant and meaningful ways.
Gamification Award

The “Gamification” award celebrates projects or platforms that effectively incorporate gaming mechanics to enhance user experience or engagement, with evaluation based on innovation, user interaction, goal achievement, and overall impact.

Jury Award for the Best Campaign

This category recognizes an outstanding marketing campaign, judged on creativity, strategic execution, impact on target audience, and overall success in meeting its objectives. This category is not for nomination it’s the jury award.

Machine Learning Awards

The “Machine Learning” award celebrates advances in AI that show significant innovation, practical application, scalability, and impact on solving complex problems or enhancing user experiences, as evaluated by the jury.

Most Innovative Fintech Data Solution Provider
Any dynamic data management solution that enables users to manage, analyze, filter & integrate data to create consistent & accurate information that helps users in effective decision making.
Non-Humanoids Land Robot Awards

The “Non-Humanoids Land Robotic” award recognizes innovative land-based robots that aren’t humanoid, evaluated on design, functionality, impact, and their ability to perform tasks effectively in their intended environments.

Best Autonomos Transport Award

The “Best Autonomous Transport” award honors breakthroughs in self-driving vehicles, judged on innovation, safety, efficiency, and their potential to revolutionize transportation.

Outstanding Contribution in Digital Industry Awards

Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry includes various business and government leaders, that have contributed to the overall business and entrepreneurial climate in the digital world. This category is not for nomination it’s the jury award.

PDA- Global Digital Awards
This category honours outstanding Digital work/Innovation out side Pakistan.
Responsive Retailer
This Award offers most responsive retail organisations to showcase their innovation and creativity within their business.
Snapchatter of the Year

Pakistan Digital awards will honor creators who either themselves or with their content represent the changing face of this country and create interesting, informative and entertaining snaps. This category is not for nomination it’s public pole .

Social Media Influencer Communications
The award goes to the influencer outreach campaign/project that proves its strategic and effective use of digital media and communication while also considering how they attained authenticity and credibility.
Startup of the Year

The “Startup of the Year” award acknowledges the most promising and innovative startup, evaluated on market traction, scalability, disruptive potential, team expertise, and overall impact on its industry or market segment.

Stationary Robots Award

This award recognizes stationary robotic systems, judged on their design, functionality, efficiency, adaptability, and impact in enhancing productivity or solving specific tasks within their designated environments.

Tik Toker of the Year

This award celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, authenticity, engagement, and influence on Tik Tok, with evaluation based on content quality, impact, audience interaction, and overall contribution to the platform’s culture.. This category is not for nomination it’s public pole category.

User and entity big data analytics awards
This Award is specifically focused on recognising teams & end user organisations that are doing groundbreaking work to deliver business outcomes using Data Analytics, technologies & techniques.
Generative AI Innovator of the Year

This award goes to the company that has pushed the boundaries of generative AI the furthest in the past year and demonstrated the most innovative use of the technology.

Best Enterprise Implementation of Generative AI

This award highlights the top enterprise company that has implemented generative AI technology in a truly transformative way. to solve key business challenges, improve productivity, enhance customer experiences and give clients competitive advantage.

Most Promising Generative AI Startup

This award goes to the most promising startup that has developed an innovative generative AI application and demonstrated high growth potential.

Generative AI Visionary

This award honors an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of generative AI through their thought leadership, research, or work building foundational technologies.

Best Use of Generative AI in Content Creation

The “Best Use of Generative AI in Content Creation” award recognizes innovative use of generative AI for producing content across various media, emphasizing creativity, audience engagement, and ethical practices. It celebrates the integration of AI with human creativity to expand content creation possibilities. The focus is on originality, effectiveness, and responsible AI use.

Best AI Data Management Solution

The “Best AI Data Management Solution” award spotlights outstanding solutions in organizing, securing, and analyzing data using AI, aimed at enhancing business intelligence and operational efficiency. It honors innovations that offer significant improvements in data accessibility, integrity, and insights generation. The category values advancements in making data management more efficient, secure, and user-friendly through AI integration.

Young Digital Entrepreneur
This category will recognise an individual under the age of 25 who has made an impact on the digital media. Those young entrepreneurs making themselves differentiated among others through their work and innovative ideas fall under this category.
Youtuber of the Year Award

The YouTuber of the Year Award honors those who have had notable years of growth and success on YouTube in 2023. Whether they wrote a book, vlogged their every movement, taught how to contour or took us around the world with them. tis award is public pole category award.

Best Use of AI for Game Development

The “Best Use of AI for Game Development” award highlights exceptional integration of AI technologies to enhance game design, development, and player experiences. It recognizes innovations that improve game mechanics, realism, and interactive storytelling. This category values contributions that push the boundaries of creativity and technical excellence in gaming through AI.

Bets payment Technology / solution provider

This award will recognize a technology/payment solution provider who has excelled in its field, implementing innovative cards or payments technology or payments solution into organizations during the past year and has led to an improvement in the overall efficiency of a company’s operations.

Best Ecommerce logistic solution provider

This awards recognise the most impressive achievements throughout the logistics industry over the last 12 months. Judges will evaluate the Successful Diversification in Multiple Ecom Logistics segments & related Activities, and Customer Satisfaction with consistent patronage.

Best Use of AI for Game Development

The “Best Use of AI for Game Development” award highlights exceptional integration of AI technologies to enhance game design, development, and player experiences. It recognizes innovations that improve game mechanics, realism, and interactive storytelling. This category values contributions that push the boundaries of creativity and technical excellence in gaming through AI.

Best Digital Media Team

Celebrating a digital media team’s unparalleled ability to drive agency success, this award highlights exceptional strategy, creativity, and results in digital campaigns. Emphasizes innovation and impact in achieving client goals and setting industry standards.

Digital Advertiser of the year

This category recognises the most creative and comprehensive use of digital advertising across all content from all business sectors.

Best Digital OOH Campaign

This category recognises the most creative and innovative digital out-of-home campaign that utilised the OOH medium, including, but not limited to, billboards, transit media, outdoor sites or any other digital medium formats.



Pakistan Digital Awards is an independent and free of influence platform. The Judges will consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry. Campaigns from 1st Jan, 2023 to 10th Jan, 2024 will be eligible for submission.


Each entry must include information under the following headings:

  • Objectives & budget
  • Target audience & strategy
  • Creativity & implementation
  • Results & evaluation
  • Campaign links for judging process
  • Detail about the team involved in campaign
  • Why do you think your entry should win?
  • Campaign links for judging process


Each entry must include information under the following headings:

  • Overview of Innovation/Platform
  • Total Budget 
  • Implementation and Result
  • Number of active downloads
  • how the product solving the customer problem.
  • Detail about the team involved in Production.
  • Why do you think your Product should win.
  • Demonstration of digital tool/software in terms of video or online


Each entry must include information under the following headings:

  • Details of the team/agency
  • Agency/individual objectives
  • Recent work example(s)
  • Recent Achievements
  • Challanges and how these were overcome
  • Why do you think your entry should win


All Material will remain Confidential to The Judges. Winning case studies may be used in post-event materials to promote best practice and permission will be sought from entrants before publishing these.


Awards results are entirely based on participation in competition, therefore, if any company or individual pressurizes or influences, the jury or the management; will be blacklisted on Pakistan Digital Awards.

PDA is not responsible for an type of registeration or any vendor form after dealine. Participants make sure that all the possible procedure will be completed before deadline or they will have to face panelty in terms of number deduction.


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